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Russian development team IT systems for algorithmic trading. We develop our own software for trading in Forex, Stock and cryptocurrency markets. Our task is to fully automate the trading process and secure it. The algorithm operates strictly according to the given parameters, without emotions, sleep and rest.

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Automatic systems for trading in financial markets

The world does not stand still, algorithmic trading is already tightly implemented on all exchanges! Your passive income depends only on what instrument and strategy you have chosen. DeltaXTrade is always one step ahead in all developments. Our trading systems are unique and secure. But we went even further in development and made deltaxtrade-swap. This is a unique and universal platform for investments, active trading in different markets according to our developments. What opportunities does the platform provide?Connect to all our robots automatically through the platform, quickly and safely. All data is protected through the blockchain. Own coin, which allows you to get a discount on the use of robots and also gives many privileges in our community. Staking coins, which will allow you to have an additional income of 9% per month. Automatic 5 level affiliate program.You can develop your own referral network, no matter if your referral buys or rents, you get bonuses and accruals from partner trading. Our experts are always ready to help and answer your questions. Platform users can communicate on the forum and in a closed telegram chat, exchange experiences and ideas. DeltaXTrade - all the best in one platform